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Termination of Rights
When the other parent has not only fallen short of his or her responsibilities as a parent, but has abdicated them completely, terminating their parental rights becomes a consideration in the best interests of a minor child.
Separation Agreements
An agreement can be as simple as establishing the fact that you and your ex are separated, or as complex as needed to settle marital issues (child custody, visitation schedules, child support, alimony or waiver of alimony, and division of property & debts).  A separation agreement can be a useful reference to prevent future problems.
Family Law 

In addition to child custody, child visitation, support and equitable distribution issues, I represent clients on the following: Department of Social Services custody of children; Termination of Parental Rights; adoption; legitimation; pre-marital agreements; separation agreements; alimony & spousal support; and alienation of affection / criminal conversation.  Behavior contracts are offered for parents and children as well.

Do you have a traffic ticket?  Criminal matter?  Contract dispute?  Do you need to have legal documents prepared?  I can handle those as well.
Sometimes a split is unexpected, disastrous. Not only have you been betrayed, but the bank accounts have been drained, the credit cards frozen, and only the bills were left behind. You need support and you need to be able to live. I can help with getting alimony or post-separation support, depending on the circumstances and the length of the marriage.
General Civil Law
I can prepare a simple divorce filing for you after one year's separation at a flat fee.

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