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When Your Family is in Crisis
It is important to plan out your solutions and alternatives.  Using your best judgment will always be better.  Sometimes that will require patience, and sometimes immediate action.
Keep the Best Interest of Your Children in Mind...ALWAYS.
In times of conflict with the other parent, make sure everything you do is for each child, and not out of a reaction to the other parent.
When parents split, or circumstances change, such as in a move, it is important to address child custody, parental rights, support arrangements, and division of marital assets as soon as possible.  With 16 years of family law experience, I can help as soon as it becomes clear something needs to be set to paper, whether by separation agreement or through orders of the court.  If you are in need of a divorce or have an issue regarding or requiring a domestic violence protective order, I can help guide you in the right direction.

While based in Greensboro, NC, I represent clients in the Greensboro and High Point Courthouses, as well as surrounding counties (Randolph, Alamance, Rockingham, and Forsyth Counties).  

While family law is my primary practice field, I also have a general practice, which includes civil litigation, traffic, and criminal matters.
Maximize your Time with Each Child.
​That means not only the fun things, but school work as well.  Keep open and frequent lines of communication with each child, no matter how old.
Is therapy the best idea?
Different children will handle the strains that develop before and after divorce differently.  Sometimes the positive support of each parent is enough.  Sometimes therapy can be a helpful tool in processing the emotions and stresses of these uncertain times, should a child need that boost.  A child should never be subject to "lobbying" by either parent, however.  The role of a parent is to raise a child, rather than try to "win" a popularity contest.
Nicholas S. Ackerman
Attorney at Law
Out of Town?  Out of State?
Are you out of town or out of state?  Is the other parent?  No matter the geographic circumstances, we can discuss visitation, custody, and other contact alternatives that will serve the best interests of your child.
Separation Means Separate Households!
Being in separate bedrooms does not mean you are separated.  Only living under separate roofs will count.